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AJLA Restaurant is operated by a team of four girls bound by ties of family, friendship and hospitality for almost two decades. AJLA is the most recent offering from this team who have been working together in all elements of food and beverage offerings from the commencement of their careers.

AJLA is a celebration of their commitment to quality food, rich flavour and the joy of socialising through food.



Judy trained in culinary arts at GMIT, Galway and immediately uncovered her natural flare and talent for food and flavour. Winning Student Chef of the year in her … year she quickly set challenges and high standards for herself. Judy has travelled throughout her career and has worked in London, Canada and around Ireland since graduating.


Judy has led the food story at PoppySeed since it opened in 2007. PoppySeeds’ distinctive offering has grown over 10 years remaining committed to fresh food cooked on site daily. Flavour is at the core of each menu item and relishes, chutneys and dressings are all made inhouse by Judy and her team of chefs.


AJLA offers an exciting addition to the PoppySeed kitchens and menus. Judy is embracing the opportunity to add another layer to her menus. Classic selections and techniques are the cornerstone of the AJLA food journey and innovative specials will celebrate the newest of Irish food products in the coming months.

Judy Forde

AJLA Head Chef

Monday – Tuesday (Closed) | Wednesday – Thursday 5pm -9pm | Friday – Sunday 12pm – 9pm